Saturday, May 02, 2009

Wedding News from Bridal Show Producers Conference in Minneapolis

I've been attending the Bridal Show Producers Conference in Minneapolis for the last several days and the information to increase the value of my bridal shows for the brides and grooms- to-be has been invaluable!  I look forward to sharing more of these concepts over the next couple of weeks.  

We just finished a great presentation by representatives of The Knot. They presented a survey of what brides were thinking and planning regarding their wedding in 2008. After the presentation, discussions regarding  planning weddings in today's economy followed.

One of the statements heard during the Knot presentation hit me......we have often heard it takes a village to raise a child, but this was changed to it takes a village to help plan the wedding.  I'm thinking,  how about it takes a village to help pay for the wedding? Why not ask relatives beyond your parents to help pay for various items in the wedding.  It could be handled like a registry.  Not that I'm suggesting putting this in your invitation, but you could put it through the family network that instead of gifts you could use donations for the wedding.

Just a thought!

More ways to have the wedding of your dreams will be forthcoming.  But first and foremost plan to attend a bridal show so you can meet your potential vendors face to face. Shop and Compare becomes so much easier in an environment where you can meet multiple wedding professionals all in one place.  Our next event dates can be found at our website or if you are looking for a bridal show in a different state go to