Thursday, March 29, 2007

Hello wedding professionals and brides-to-be, things are getting really busy here in "the wedding capitol of the world". There are so many new businesses opening to serve the local and destination bride, our phones have been ringing off the wall with new potential exhibitors and advertisers. We are going to dedicate some of our next few blogs to welcoming new wedding professionals to the Bridal Spectacular family. So keep checking back to see whats new.
New Logo for Bridal Spectacular. We are excited to announce our new logo in it's final version. She showed up a few posts back with a square image behind her, but we decided this one fits us so much better.
New Exhibitors:
Lia Sophia: Jewelry special enough for the day you say I DO. Searching for an unforgettable piece for yourself or a meaningful gift for your bridesmaids? lia sophia offers fashion jewelry you will love at prices you can afford! Schedule a Show and earn your selections FREE or at great discounts! LIFETIME GUARANTEE!! See her at booth 214.
Two to Tangle Dance Co. Brides and Grooms! What could be more romantic than spending a few hours learning how to dance cheek to cheek with each other? Imagine watching the video years from now and still remembering how it felt to be taken into his arms and whisked around the floor. Your first dance as husband and wife is a very important ritual. You’ve taken painstaking measures to ensure everything will be beautiful and memorable...your first dance should reflect that as well. Visit them in booth # 1116
Visit with these and over 170 other professions at the July 20 & 21 event.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

How you seat your guests at your wedding reception can make or break the evening. If at all possible, you want to choose a room that allows all the guests to see the head table and dance floor. Some facilities are split into two rooms or an L-shape which will split up your guests and make it hard for them to be part of the party.. Here are some other considerations:

  • Bars: Consider having more than one so your guests don't have to push their way through tables to get to them.
  • Have a table for singles: Consider putting all your single guests together at one table, they will have much more fun than sitting with families or married couples.
  • DJ or Band: Needs to be placed where they can see the dance floor and the head table, and cake table since they will be directing many of festivities.
  • Headtable: This can be either a one sided banquet table large enough to seat the whole wedding party or a double sided banquet so their immediate families or mates can sit with them. You can sit up to 24 people at a head table, the more the merrier. The sweetheart table for the bride and groom only will leave you filling isolated from your own party.
  • Cake Table: This will be the focal spot for one of your very special events, make sure it stands out and is located in a good spot for photos with a good well lit background.
  • Party People: These people will be the ones having the best time and will be happiest near the bar and the dj or entertainment. They don't have to be near you!

Talk to the real experts by attending our next bridal show, July 20 & 21, 2007. You'll find everything you need under one roof.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Planning a Destination Wedding? Las Vegas is the place, we have an abundance of chapels, reception locations and all kinds of unique theme options for your wedding. There are a few basics to keep in mind when planning a destination wedding.

  1. Consider hiring a consultant, this can save you lots of time and prevent mistakes when hiring out of "your" state vendors.

  2. Attend a bridal show for the area where you want to get married or visit the website for that bridal show.

  3. Visit our site, you will find a list of vendors in every category who can help you plan your Las Vegas destination wedding. You can rely on e-mail and the Internet to stay in contact with your chosen vendors just like you would in your home town.

  4. Use credit cards for payment, never cash. This will give you proof of your purchases.

  5. When ordering things like decor and flowers, you can e-mail photos of what you like. Just keep in mind flowers that are available in California may not be you best choices in the desert, so keep an open mind and be flexible. Your florist should be aware of the current brides maid color options and be able to suggest complimentary flowers to go with them. It's best to mail them a color sample rather than just tell them green, there can be many different shades of green (celedon, sage, mint, get what I mean?)

  6. Arrive at your destination wedding state early enough to take care of all final details and be relaxed before the big day, treat your self to a spa and want to enjoy this most special day with the love of your life.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I just had a wonderful phone call the other day from Ellen Lafair, promotional director of the new Fox 5 television series The Wedding Bells premiering tonight. Ellen had several beautiful brides handing out mints at our recent bridal show, The Bridal Spectacular, promoting this new wedding sit com. Before and after our show they were on tour at many other bridal shows across the country. She called to tell me that our show was by far the most professional and best attended bridal show that they participated in. We work very hard to put on a great bridal show, but its nice to hear from someone who knows how we compare to other bridal events.

For you bridal related businesses out there its time to start booking your booths at our July 20 & 21st event! It's going to be a hot one! Last summers attendance was 1000 brides and the exhibitors who do the summer show say the brides are serious about their wedding planning! So don't miss out, check out available booth spaces at