Thursday, November 15, 2007

Another Great Testimonial from one of our exhibitors!

We decided to try out the Bridal Spectacular last July to bring in some potential clients for our new floral business. Being a new business, I was really nervous about the whole venture. As it came closer ,we decided that it would be fun put our flowers in the fashion show. The whole staff at the Bridal Spectacular was extremely helpful through the whole event. They are really organized, and willing to help make things run smoothly. I was a little nervous about setting up the booth because we had a lot of heavy props, but when I got to the convention center there were tons of people waiting to help us unload. I was really impressed with the whole event. We got a lot of connections with the other vendors there, and a ton of leads that is surely making our business grow. That's why we're doing it again in January! It's too good to pass up! Thanks to Sue and everyone at the Bridal Spectacular. We owe a lot of our success to you!

Amanda Cheek

Amanda LaVoy's Floral & Event Design